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Eva Solis, garden educator

Eva Solis, garden educator at Valhalla Elementary shared that “one of the best parts about this program is trying new foods. Many parents were amazed when their kids came home excited about eating fresh garden vegetables with hummus!” ​
Every dollar donated will support student opportunities for hands-on science in the garden and nutrition programs.

Juan Carlos Sanchez, parent and business sponsor

“I want my kids to be able to come out to nature and learn about where food grows. It’s also such a good opportunity for the children to enjoy working outdoors,” said parent & business sponsor Juan Carlos Sanchez.
Donate to make new exciting projects possible, such as the Rio Vista Food Forest. Rio Vista Elementary is in Bay Point, where some local neighborhoods have been described as a “food desert” by local news channels because at least one-third of the population lives more than a half-mile from the nearest grocery store. Imagine the transformation you can help make, from food desert to food forest, led by students and accessible to the whole community!

Your donation impact...

  • $10,000 sends 50 fifth graders to overnight outdoor education camp for three days to study marine science
  • $5,000 funds Diablo Ballet’s amazing PEEK Outreach social/emotional movement program at two elementary schools for a year.
  • $2,500 provides supplementary science programs for two middle school campuses
  • $1,000 purchases an interactive presentation touchscreen monitor used for high school robotics competitions.
  • $500 pays for 10 hours of professional garden and plant science instruction at a middle school
  • $250 acquires art supplies and integrated arts lesson plans for one grade level at an elementary school for a year.
  • $100 buys needed supplies for the Femineer high school engineering program

Your donation impact...

Last Saturday was a volunteer day in three Mt Diablo school gardens, led by Growing Healthy Kids. Click here to hear from 3 Foundation board members who volunteered there!
Your contribution goes directly to support hands-on student learning about plant and nutrition science in the outdoors in their very own school gardens, from farm to fork. These wonderful garden programs are in addition to all of the other areas the founda-tion supports, from performing arts to technology to robotics.
On behalf of Mt. Diablo students, the the Mt. Diablo Education Foundation Board, thanks you!
Mary Gray, Bridget Billeter, Roya Brake, Rachel Del Carlo-Levy, Julia Dozier, Hasmig Gregorian, Matt Lovett, Holly Tillman, and Student Board Member Saoirse Feiler
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