What will YOUR IMPACT BE for steam?

$70,000 program goal over 3 years 

MDUSD Education Foundation’s campaign builds on what we’ve been doing for students in our community for the past three years, ensuring that all students in the Mt Diablo school district, regardless of zip code, have access to quality STEM opportunities.

Specific to science, our goal is to raise $70,000 over three years for science programs for our middle and high school students.  These programs can be used in remote learning, hybrid and classroom settings. Thanks to many of you who donated to the November 2020 Giving Tuesday campaign, more than $10,000 has been raised towards this goal. 


The first payment was made so that both Gizmos and  Mosa Mack Science and started January 2021 for middle & high schools respectively. 


Check out why we're so excited to raise funds for these programs can be utilized in remote learning, hybrid and classroom settings. 


How many students can you support? 

No amount is too small and every dollar raised directly benefits our students.