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Our mission to provide STEAM programs to students depends entirely on the generosity of people like you.  Your contribution, big or small, absolutely makes a difference to Mt. Diablo students:


  • Your $25 donation buys enough chalk to cover a school blacktop in colorful art

  • Your $50 donation buys two week’s supplies for first graders for Art in Action

  • Your $100 donation provides Mystery Science to four elementary classrooms for a year

  • Your $250 donation funds the Gizmos biology platform for 200 high school students for a year

  • Your $500 donation sends ten students to a day of hands-on marine science at Pigeon Point Lighthouse and tidepools in Pescadero


Donate today!  The kids are counting on you.

donation levels 

Valedictorian: $25,000+

Honor Roll Champion: $10,000+

Titanium: $5,000+

Platinum: $2,500+

Diamond: $1,000+
Gold: $500+ 

Silver: $250+
Bronze: $100+
supporter: Up to $99

MDEDF AGC 2022.20.21 PEEK.jpg
 Donate your car, truck, trailer, RV or boat, running or not, to the foundation!  The process is quick and easy and will make a real difference to students.  To learn more, click here.

Click here to credit a portion of your purchases made via Amazon to MDEDF.

This foundation raises funds to help pay for a variety of programs that support student learning. As a California nonprofit organization, the foundation is organized for charitable purposes and is not organized for the private gain of any person. The Foundation does not rent or sell its donor list. Legal name: Mt. Diablo Education Foundation. Nonprofit Tax ID 82-3039803. 

For merchants, business professionals, and real estate agents: 
Check out our
Honor Roll Professional Program page 
Honor Roll Business Partner Program page
to donate and sign up!
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